Solo Travel: One is not the loneliest number [Infographic]

Here’s an infographic from G Adventures that maps the growing trend toward solo travel—follow its route to explore some of the factors at play, discover the nationalities most likely to travel solo, and take in a plethora of interesting stats about how and why people travel solo.

Happy Halloween!

We’re celebrating All Hallows’ Eve all week long over on the ‘Looptail’ — so check in every day for a new tale of travel that’ll chill you to the bone. Trick or treat! Stay tuned all week! Here’s a ‘boo’ at what they’ve got in store for you over on the G Adventures travel blog!

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This month, we’re going to return to a weekly posting schedule! In addition to providing more consistent updates here on Two Go Round-The-World, I’m going to be blogging over at the Looptail more regularly as well, so drop in to see how I’m getting on.


Hackpacking: Emergency Flash Drive

Have a digital backup plan when on the road—a secure flash drive loaded with your most vital documents and details. Here’s how to build your own—via Gizmodo’s Andrew Tarantola

The Women of San Pedro Market

At Cusco’s Sand Pedro market, you can enjoy a first-hand look at how locals live day-to-day outside the confines of Cusco’s tourist areas. Get off the beaten path a little bit and head to the market for a truly Peruvian experience. And bring lots of film—or make sure that you have abundant space on your memory card. It’s very photogenic.

Hackpacking: Make a Rubber Band Travel Clothesline

Unless you’re willing to over-pack, or spend valuable time in laundromats, you’ll want to wash some items in your hotel room sink. But, how to dry?


Cheap Trick: A review of Tim Leffel’s ‘World’s Cheapest Destinations’

For the round-the-world traveller who is planning an adventure, Leffel’s book will prove to be a good tool and a good jumping-off point.

Up The Yangtze

Yung Chang handles the subject with insight and poise. This documentary is a must-see for anybody contemplating a trip to the mainland.

Panasonic’s Lumix GF1—a great all-around travel camera

Kathyrn and I had—for a while now—been considering a new camera—one that we can bring along with us on our round-the-world trip. We’d been looking for something that was portable without having to sacrifice the bells and whistles of a traditional DSLR.

Looking Back

Looking Back: On Returning Home

May you laugh, may you laugh, like hail falling on a tin roof, may you laugh.

Looking Back: Korean Homesick Blues

Where’s my passport? I need it to reclaim my fingerprints that they’ve sequestered at the immigration office so I wouldn’t smudge the windows that they’ve polished to keep me out.

Looking Back: The Deepest Need For Maps

Without a tether, without an anchor to your bed back home. You move. You have no need for memories. You have the deepest need for maps.

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